The Dual Nature of Water

Have you ever stopped to think about the energy of water? Of course, in feng shui we think about this a lot. Whether we’re viewing an oceanscape, standing on the banks of a rushing river, picnicking near a babbling brook, rowing on a mirrored lake, or looking at a small pond with fish, water is a profound kind of energy that impacts us in powerful ways.

If you read about water energy in feng shui books, you will undoubtedly learn that it’s energy moves downward and that it is the most yin of the five elements; but, water really has a dual nature. Still water is very yin indeed. It is almost womb-like in its energy imprint. Still water brings us to our own center, to a mysterious and quiet place where we can find answers that are not readily available elsewhere. It is meditative in quality. If your life feels frenzied or full of anxiety, spending time next to a quiet lake or pond might be just the remedy you’re looking for (think of the movie “On Golden Pond”). No wonder many people who have high pressued lives like to fish–just being on a calm lake with it’s quiet nature is extremely restorative.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling stuck and you want a new start or you want to make social connections, or get the flow of money and/or people coming into your life, then moving water is what you’re looking for. Although still yin in nature (as water is cool, soothing and soft), moving water takes us places. A table top fountain can get the flow of money coming in if correctly placed (in the southeast part of a house or room). If you want more movement in your life, go to the ocean or to Niagara Falls, or to the nearest rushing river. Moving water moves us and shifts our energy to be more proactive and connected. Certainly, there are those of us who find the ocean relaxing as well. I believe the immense size of this kind of water puts things in perspective and takes away issues with our ego (which can make us tense).

In any case, water is a powerful force that can take us to two very different places. Why not reflect on these two types of water energy this week and see if there is a message for you. You might even know of a favorite place to get up close and personal with the kind of water energy you’re looking for.

As a matter of fact, yin water is going to set the tone for this evening for me. Right after work, I’m going to start with a small bowl of steaming water, some relaxing aromatherapy oils, and kick back with a CD of Chopin ballades or nocturnes. I may saunter over to the local planetarium and look through their telescope at the stars in the night sky. This is Yin energy at it’s best and my answer to unwinding after a high pressure week.

What about you? Can you design an evening around Water?