The Feng Shui of Endings

Nobody likes to let go.

Let's face it: if you're having a baby or getting married or going to college, everybody is on the bandwagon. We all love beginnings-- we have parties, feel uplifted and look forward to the future. When it comes to endings, though, it's quite another thing. People don't seem as eager to be part of the process.

Relationships that are ending through divorce, people who leave us through death, colleagues we lose by getting let go from a job-- these things are more difficult for us to face. It is as if we came in with the equipment to deal with starting things, but the equipment we need for losing things was largely left out of the kit.

If we look at letting go from a feng shui standpoint, we will see that the yin/yang symbol clearly shows us that all endings are merely the beginnings of other things. Life/death complete a circle just as do day/night. We don't wake up to the SAME day every day that we arise, but we do wake up to another day, very similar in nature to the one we just left. We can only imagine that the same is true for all other endings we experience. Perhaps we don't get the SAME job back when we lose a job, but we get a different one, perhaps with some similar characteristics. When we leave a relationship, we usually don't get the same one back, but a different one more than likely comes along. Although what lies beyond the life/death line is open to much interpretation through different philosophies and religions, it would indeed be a universal anomaly if this opening/closing were any different from others. Only those who have moved on really know, but energy is energy.

Moving through that door undoubtedly brings us to another situation-- maybe not the SAME one, but one nonetheless. It would be in keeping with the nature of the world. If you are at an ending point in your life-- any kind of ending-- you can use feng shui to help you through. First, remember the nature of energy and its cyclical characteristics. Secondly, watch what nature does when it ends things. The sun sets slowly and sinks below the horizon, only to appear again the next day. We survive the loss of friends or marriages, and make new friends and find new mates.  We watch children grow up and leave the house, only to become the people they really are-- they haven't left us, they've expanded us. We watch trees reach maturity and die and tumble down, only to have others of a similar nature grow in their place.

Perhaps it would behoove us to meditate on the energy of letting go. A possible exercise: simply go outside the house at sunset and watch it set. Get up again in the morning and watch the sunrise.  Realize the truth that nature tries to tell us every day.