Home as a part of a Community

Hi Everyone,

These days, community is more important than ever. With all of the virtual living that we do, it is important to remember that those around us are impacted by our actions in a very direct (read: real world) way. This is true not only within our family and friend groups, but also applies to the larger community-- our neighborhood and/or town.

Typically, when a neighborhood is built, most or all of the houses are basically of the same size or style. For example, I live in a community built in the mid 1950s which consists of smaller, ranch style houses. Many of them have a unique style of window that looks like a 9-pane tic-tac- toe board. This unique window can be found on the front, back or sides of the houses in the neighborhood. The homes in this community are painted in subdued hues that blend with the environment of the urban forest where it is located. There is a definite theme that pops out when you drive through.

In feng shui, it is considered less than "balanced" if a single home stands out too much from its surrounding environment. It could be that it is constructed of a material not in keeping with the houses around it or painted a color that stands out like a sore thumb. Perhaps it is twice or three times the size of other houses in the community. This unbalanced situation can also come from a house being over-improved with windows that are out of proportion, or over ornate fences, gates or doors. This doesn't mean that your house can't be unique and to your taste, it just shouldn't look like a monstrosity that landed in the neighborhood from another planet.

I have seen this situation multiple times and what I've noticed is that the odd house often draws criticism from neighbors and creates tension in the neighborhood. A very large house in a smaller house neighborhood can overshadow someone's yard, block their view or cause other kinds of visual problems. It's best to keep your house in the same theme as the others surrounding it. It's typically easier to sell, too, should you want to do that in the future.

Wishing you all a peaceful, happy week ahead.